Thursday, September 13, 2012

Behind the Ad: Elizabeth Warren softens her image

Where: Massachusetts

What's going on: I mostly hate this, but I did see it coming. Elizabeth Warren is being encouraged to ratchet down her intensity a little bit in her ads, which is something men are almost never asked to do.

Aside from the concern that her ads have been too generic and not focused enough on the issues most of interest to Massachusetts voters, the New York Times adds this:
There have also been worries that Ms. Warren comes across as a scold when she speaks directly into the camera, while [her opponent] Mr. Brown’s ads show him driving around in his truck, appearing folksy and down-to-earth.
And this:
But in this newest ad, she is shown in a decidedly softer light. She does not speak into the camera and she does not discuss issues. Instead, ordinary people testify on her behalf that she is fighting for those who find “the system rigged against them.” As they speak, soft music rises and the screen fills with images of a smiling Ms. Warren greeting voters, hugging them, listening to them and holding their hands.
Okay, bring in the spinmeisters, make it all warm and fuzzy. Who needs to talk about Wall Street reform anyway?